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Messenger Marketing


Messenger Marketing for Local Business

Businesses are placing chatbots on their websites, Facebook pages, and in Facebook Messenger – places where more and more people are spending increasingly more time. ChatBots allow businesses to communicate with customers in their preferred medium of messaging. 

Create a “ChatBot Funnel” where potential customers work their way through the top of your sales funnel and deliver a qualified prospect direct to you or your sales team.

Online Engagement

ChatBots can be placed on your website in several ways, including in your “Contact Us” button, as a slide in message, or in a banner. They can also be engaged from your Facebook page, or a landing page. In addition, a URL can be placed in Facebook Ads, or in a marketing email. Make it part of your digital signature!

Offline Engagement

ChatBots now allow you to connect and send directly to your clients using EMAIL and SMS texting. This allows you to connect with your clients and prospects in multiple ways, in the channel that works best for them or for your subject matter. Also,your ChatBot URL or a scannable UR Code can be placed in your place of business, in print advertising, on your business cards and other printed material, or can be displayed from the stage during your presentation or seminar.

ChatBots for Marketing and Sales

Because competition is everywhere and profits are narrowing, businesses must find ways to save time and money – anywhere it makes sense to do so. By using ChatBots to initially engage with prospects at the very top of the sales funnel, they can deliver a more qualified lead to their sales teams. This allows the marketing and sales teams to spend more time from the middle to the bottom of the sales funnel, engaging with more qualified prospects. Potentially shortening the sales cycle and closing more profitable sales.

ChatBots for Customer Support

Using ChatBots as part of their Customer Support function allows a business to answer many of the common questions their prospects and customers have. FAQs like “What are your hours?” “Where are you located?” “Do you offer home delivery?” can be answered by a virtual ChatBot that gives the customer “close to” personalized support.