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Local Marketing . . . Here’s The One Thing You May Be Missing

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Imagine this . . .

Your business is thriving, including satisfied customers and steady growth. You spend most evenings at home with your family, and three-day weekends are a regular occurrence.

In reality this is something many small local business owners, especially those in the first few years of their start-up, NEVER experience!

Instead, 12-hour days are common, working all weekend is a regular thing, and worrying about making your monthly nut is business as usual.

Perhaps there’s one crucial strategy missing in your local marketing.

But first, you are doing all the basic local marketing strategies, right?

  • Confirming your website is mobile-friendly

  • Localizing your website – making sure all your website content is relevant to your local market

  • Claiming your local listings on all third-party listings. Most importantly, make sure your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is up-to-date and complete

  • Investing in local SEO

  • Localizing your paid advertising, i.e., google ads, direct mail, and print advertising


If not, here’s a checklist you can use to get up to date.

What’s Missing?

So, what’s the local marketing strategy you may be missing?

It’s building your relationship with your clients and potential clients on a regular basis!



The very best way to get and keep customers is for YOU to build a personal business relationship with your clients and prospective clients.

“How do I do that, you ask? I’m so busy now. How in the world would I find the time to personally communicate with EVERY client?

Answer: Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

A monthly Newsletter is one of the best content marketing strategies a business owner can invest in. But before we dive into how a monthly Newsletter will work for you, let’s briefly define content marketing.

By using content marketing to regularly stay in touch with your clients and potential clients, you can let them know you understand what’s important to them.

And those customer relationships will dramatically increase your ability to get and keep more customers!

What the heck is content marketing?


            Content marketing is publishing useful articles for your client base.


Let’s flesh this out a bit.

Per the Digital Marketer (What is Content Marketing? | DigitalMarketer):


“Content marketing builds an audience of future customers, engages them, so they’re motivated to buy your product, and then continues to interact with them so they can become brand ambassadors for your business.”


Content Marketing Strategies

There are several Content Marketing strategies you may choose to grow your business:

  • Newsletter Marketing

  • Weekly Blog

  • Email Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Podcasts

  • Targeted Social Media Posts

  • Website content

  • eBooks

  • Physical books

  • Physical greeting cards

Newsletter Marketing

Getting back to the original question: “How do I do that, you ask? I’m so busy now! How in the world would I find the time to personally communicate with EVERY client?”

I get it. I’ve been a small business owner/manager for 30+ years. To be successful, we have to be involved in every aspect of our business, EVERYTHING from cleaning the office to continually updating our products/services, networking, marketing, accounting, and delivery. The list of tasks a small business owner must take on is endless.

In many cases, time with family and friends must take a back seat.

To answer your question of how the heck you can fit in one more thing, let’s focus on writing a monthly newsletter, my personal recommendation for beginning your business’s content marketing strategy.

Here is the general process: (This will also work equally well for most of the other content marketing examples above.)

After a one-time setup meeting with your editor,

  1. You determine your overall goal for your newsletter, i.e.,

    -Building client relationships

    -Lead generation

    -Providing how-to information

    -Growing your mailing list

    -All of the above

  2. You determine topics for next month’s email newsletter

  3. Send these topics to your newsletter editor, along with any images, examples, or industry resources you may have. (You want to give your editor as much as possible so it is YOU building the customer relationship.)

  4. Your editor replies back to verify any questions he/she may have

  5. Your editor gathers additional research on your topic

  6. Your editor sends you a draft of your newsletter for you to review and send back with any revisions

  7. Your editor makes your final revisions and sends them to you for your approval to publish

  8. Editor publishes your newsletter to the mailing list you provide


Your time invested to send out a beautiful, relationship-building email newsletter each month: 30 – 60 minutes.


Initial Results for your business: You are building personal relationships with your clients, with minimum time invested, letting them know you understand their concerns and you have the solutions to help fix their problems.

Long-term results: You build a large and growing list of loyal customers!

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