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Welcome to the Day Marketing Solutions blog!

This blog started about five years ago.  Actually, I started thinking about writing a blog about marketing solutions for local business five years ago.

I finally discovered about two months ago that I was passionate enough about marketing solutions for local business to share my passion with the rest of the world.

The result is this first post of the Day Marketing Solutions blog you’re now reading.

Helping local business grow!

For over 30 years I’ve been providing marketing and growth solutions to local businesses across the United States.

  • printing services to local publishers, catalogers, and advertisers
  • digital marketing services to car dealers
  • Follow up and lead generation services to hair salons, auto salespeople, body shops, dentists, massage therapists, attorneys, and many more local business owners

Passion for helping local businesses grow is what’s made me successful.

It’s what helped me maintain my business relationships for many years.

It’s what will keep me excited about life – and work.

Journey to my passion

Not going to be my life's work.

I grew up in a small  farming community in central Illinois, and decided after cleaning out my first hog pen, as a teenager, that farming was NOT going to be my life work. 

A lesson from my dad:

My father managed a local company that delivered propane gas to the small villages and farming operations in the region.  I remember distinctly my father telling my mother and me, “Buy everything you can right here in town. If you go to the larger towns to save a dollar, soon we won’t have our local businesses to buy from.  They’ll be closed.”

As a know-it-all teenager, I didn’t think my dad knew too much, but that advice from Dad to Mom and me stuck with me, even though I didn’t understand the full impact of it at the time. “Support your local business, or they’ll be gone!”

Years later, I remember having that same conversation with my family.

As I looked back over my career, that single advice was a big part of the foundation of my passion for helping local business grow.  Local businesses need access to the best solutions in order to grow and thrive!

(An added thought: Even though, as a teenager I didn’t see the real wisdom in most of my dad’s advice, it’s amazing how he kept getting smarter and smarter as I got older. Even after he passed away!)

Helping local business grow

After graduating from college, and teaching school for five years, I began my career in sales and marketing.

Over the next 30+ years I sold services and managed sales and marketing teams for industry leading companies in the automotive and printing industries. I also was owner/operator of a Sandler Training Institute franchise in Scottsdale, AZ in the mid ‘90s.

Along the way I became a distributor for SendOutCards, a company that provides relationship marketing, follow-up, and lead generation services for local businesses.  A service I still use today.

For most of my career, I worked for other companies, helping local business owners grow with the marketing services we provided them.

Throughout that time, I was too often on the wrong end of my job being eliminated or the company I worked for being sold, acquired, merged, or downsized. Usually with significant personal consequences for my family and me.

In  too many occasions, I was the one delivering that unpleasant message to my employees.

Finally, in 2015, I’d had enough. I was tired of being at the mercy of someone else’s plan – it was time to work my own plan.

Working My Own Plan

Day Marketing Solutions, LLC was formed in April of 2015.

Providing solutions to help small businesses grow had become my passion.

I wanted to use my almost 40 years of business marketing experience to help local, small business owners grow and thrive.

Day Marketing Solutions – Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide local businesses with Digital Marketing Services that deliver solutions to help them grow their business to its full potential. With pricing that fits their budget. A company who local business owners trust to provide them with the marketing services they need to grow and thrive.

And, a company they would be proud to refer to their friends.

In March of 2019 we entered into a franchise relationship with  PinPoint Local, LLC a global company with deep experience in the key areas of digital marketing for local business.

Website design, search engine optimization, social media management, and messenger marketing are the cornerstone of the services we provide.

PinPoint Local provides us with the bonafide depth and experience to deliver, support, and service world class digital marketing products to our local client base.

They provide these services at extremely competitive prices, making it easy and affordable for local business owners to grow their businesses to full potential.

With PinPoint Local as partners, providing us with the innovation and delivery of high quality products and services, Day Marketing Solutions works directly with our clients to help determine their marketing needs and strategies. 

We then oversee the entire scope of your project, assuring the final delivery of your marketing project to you – just the way you want it.

Focus on YOU

So that’s a snapshot of how I got to this point in my life, and how Day Marketing Solutions serves its passion for helping local business owners grow.

From here on my blog posts will be focused on you, the local business owner, and what keeps you awake at night in the realm of growing your business.

What to expect from this blog

Our focus is local business marketing, and the issues that are most important to business owners and marketers who target potential local customers.

You might want to subscribe to our blog if:

  • your current website functions only as a billboard
  • your current website is a lousy customer generation machine.
  • you really want/need to grow your business
  • you want to drive more traffic to your website.
  • staying up-to-date with new, online marketing trends is important to your company growth
  • your ex-boss’s nephew (next door neighbor’s daughter/son’s high school buddy/college roommate) built your site several years ago.
  • you want to know why SEO is important to growing your business.
  • you want a new website, but don’t think you can afford to do it.
  • you’re willing to spend $1.00 to get $5-10 in return.
  • you wonder what backlinks are, and why they are so important.
  • you want to know how the heck Bob Day could possibly help me with SEO? (He certainly isn’t a techie!)
  • what you’re NOT doing to market your business is preventing you from attracting more customers?

We’ll post every week, with the occasional post sent your way when we feel an important or timely subject might interest you right now.

Of course, you can subscribe, or unsubscribe, at any time.

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What is Local Business Marketing?

Local business marketing is used by businesses who want to be found by people searching for a business near them that offers a particular product or service.

Depending on your business and your product or service, your marketing may be specific to your neighborhood, your city, or your metro area.

Marketing could include your website, postcards, an email campaign, or Facebook Messenger. It could be membership in a networking group, flyers in a coffee shop, a status update on Facebook, or an Instagram Live.

Local Business MarketingIt’s something that you’re doing to get someone to reach out to you, that’s what it is. Local business marketing can be anything from Websites to door knockers, and everything in-between.

This blog will focus primarily on online marketing solutions, and more specifically on website design, SEO, social media management, and messenger marketing solutions for the local business person.

We’ll also keep you up-to-date on emerging trends, tools, and solutions.

Occasionally, we’ll have articles and guest blogs from other thought leaders in the area of digital marketing for local business.

Five years of thinking about blogging has come to fruition.  What you are reading (and hopefully continue to read) are really just the results of one important thing.


Taking Action


Your comments and contributions are welcomed and expected.  Please let me know when you think we’re on target, and where we’ve missed the mark.

We depend on you to let us know what concerns you the most and how we can provide content that helps you the most!

Please comment below or reach me directly at, or 480-681-5380.


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Bob Day

Bob Day

Bob Day grew up in a small farming community in central Illinois and went on to build hundreds of relationships with local business owners throughout the United States. 30+ years of helping business owners grow led Bob to found Day Marketing Solutions in Scottsdale, AZ., a digital marketing agency dedicated to providing local businesses with proven marketing solutions to grow their business.


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I'm the Founder and President of Day Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing firm dedicated to providing marketers with the services required to thrive in their market niche.

30+ years ofdelivering sales training and marketing services to national and local businesses throughout the U.S.

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