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Messenger Marketing: Why You Should Use it for Your Local Business Marketing

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If you’re not using Messenger Marketing in your local business marketing, you may soon be left behind. 

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.

Think of combining the personalization of a phone call, with the convenience of texting, and the marketing ability of email.  

With Messenger Marketing, you can send or respond to a message with your phone (or computer) using your Facebook Messenger app and you can deliver photos, videos, and files – instantaneously.

Unlike email, Messenger Marketing is conversational, interactive, and instantaneous.

Most people currently use Facebook Messenger for personal messages between friends and family, however, businesses are now using it for marketing, and it’s a growing phenomenon. Currently, Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users!

As you can see from the Statista graph above, the number one messenger app in the world  is WhatsApp (very popular outside the U.S.), which is also owned by Facebook.)

Messenger Marketing can be utilized on several platforms; however, Facebook Messenger is by far the most popular and most used platform in terms of users in the U.S. and Canada. 

Per ManyChat (a leading chatbot builder)

“. . . Facebook Messenger Marketing is in prime position to become the world’s #1 marketing channel in the coming years…and the companies who become early adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors.”

Many large companies are already using chatbots with huge success, and smaller, local businesses are beginning to catch on, using chatbots to grow their business.

You’re probably already using chatbots with some of the companies you buy from right now, without being aware of what they are.

Starbucks makes it extremely easy to place an order from inside their app using a bot.

Lyft lets you request a ride with their bot.

Fandango’s Facebook Messenger bot lets you watch movie trailers and find local theaters.

Spotify makes it easy to search for, listen to, and share music inside their bot.

Whole Foods provides their customers a convenient bot to search for recipes from Facebook Messenger

Pizza Hut customers can order pizza for delivery or carryout from Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

53% of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can reach on Messenger.

And that makes sense, right? It’s more convenient than writing an email or calling them on the phone. So of course, customers are going to start preferring to shop at businesses who use a chatbot in Messenger.

So, What Exactly is a Chatbot?

Messenger Marketing chatbots for local business marketing

A chatbot, or bot, is an application, that uses rules to have a two-way conversation.

These rules are setup by you, allowing your company to interact with your customers and prospects via a chatbot interface.

Chatbots are pre-programmed responses using keyword triggers to continue the conversation. You can setup and personalize your Chatbot to be specific to your company, and to the functionality of the chatbot you create.

Your customer has the “feel” of conversing with a real, live, person, but instead, a bot is using programed information to have the conversation.

The conversation can be about anything, from a fun topic to information about your product or service.

The key is that it’s a two-way conversation.  Your customer or prospect gets to participate and choose where they want to go with the conversation.

Want to see how it works? Check out a live chatbot here.

Local businesses can build prospect lists by attracting new leads, nurturing those leads by sending them content and answering their questions, and ultimately converting those leads into new paying customers – all using a chatbot.

Below is a screenshot example of how a real estate broker might use a bot to interact with a prospect.

Chatbot real estate conversation example

There are over 300,000 monthly active chatbots on Messenger.

Many businesses are using chatbots, but the key point in this statistic is there are ONLY 300,000  monthly chatbot users. Currently! Now is the time to get ahead of the curve!

How are Local Businesses Using Messenger Marketing?

Local businesses use Messenger Marketing to:

  • Build their brand’s awareness
  • answer customer FAQs
  • perform simple support for their customers
  • introduce new products
  • pre-qualify sales opportunities
  • pre-qualify job applicants
  • schedule appointments
  • announce events and register attendees
  • deliver a coupon
  • announce daily specials
  • perform a quiz
  • gather client preferences

And the marketing uses continue to grow as more and more businesses are using this innovative new marketing method to grow their business.

Experience a live Chatbot here.

Why You Should be Using Messenger Marketing to Grow Your Local Business


Messenger Marketing to Grow Your Business
  • If you’re like me, unless you are expecting an important email, you check your emails once in the morning, again after lunch, and maybe before you go to bed. However, when I hear that Facebook messenger “PING” alert, I check it out right away.
  • Messenger Marketing is kind of like email Marketing. However, Messenger Marketing works much differently than email.
  • Think of text messaging on steroids!
  • Messages are short.
  • It’s much more conversational — with Messenger Marketing, people are experiencing a conversation that feels 1-1, where email marketing is usually one to many.
  • Your automated chatbot will reply to your customer’s response immediately, adding to the conversational feel. Whereas, email conversations may have minutes, hours or days between responses.
  • Also, email click through rates are declining. Messenger Marketing is growing rapidly.

All this is not to say that email is still not a powerful marketing tool, because it is.  Messenger Marketing has unique functionalities that email just can’t deliver. Number one being the much higher open and click through rates.

Why Messenger Marketing is Growing

The Growth of Messenger Marketing
High Engagement Rates

Statista compared the open and click-through rates for different types of emails in a 2016 report.

Average email open rates were 5.9%-18.8%, and the average click-through rates were 0.4%-2.1%.

Compare that to Messenger Marketing, where marketers are currently seeing open rates of 80% or more and click-through rates greater than 30%.

Your customers are much, much, more likely to open and click on a messaging app than they are an email message.

Per ManyChat, there are 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses—a sure sign that more and more people are using Messenger as a way to communicate with the brands they love.

Less Friction Than Email

Messenger apps are easier for your customers to use.

Think about what must be done to use email:

First, if you’re like me, your inbox contains anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred unread messages, and from a few hundred to a few thousand undeleted messages. Knowing that someday I should take the time to delete all those messages is always lurking in my mind.

Second, much of the business email I receive is spam.

And, every email comes with the threat of virus. So, the trust factor with email marketing continues to decline.

Finally, email is much more work to open, read, and engage with the sender. Emails usually have a lot of text. Chatbot messages are short and to the point.

Messaging apps have none of this built-in friction. They are safe and familiar places for us. We’re comfortable using them.

Messenger Apps vs SMS (texting)

SMS marketing has also increased in the last few years. While SMS has its place, it is not as marketer friendly as messenger.

With SMS, inserting images and videos is very limited.  Also, you can’t hyperlink text, and, you can’t include call-to-action buttons.

Messenger Aps vs. Social Networks

This may shock you.  I know it did me. The following graph shows that messenger apps are being used more than social media apps, beginning in 2015.

Mwaawnfwe apps vs Social Media

The specific messaging app people use varies by country—Facebook Messenger is the most commonly used app in North America, while WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook) reigns supreme in Europe. In China, WeChat is the hands-down winner.

Why Facebook Messenger for Local Business Marketing?


First, Facebook Messenger is the clear winner in terms of use in the U.S. and Canada., with over 1.3 billion active users each month.

Second, unlike WhatsApp, which is still a fairly bare-bones app (more like SMS), Messenger features the ability to build automated chatbots complete with images, videos, galleries, call-to-action buttons, and more — making it the app of choice for marketers and business owners looking to grow their business with messenger marketing.

Growing Your Business with Messenger Marketing


Growing Your Business with Messenger Marketing

Now that you know a little more about what Messenger Marketing is and why it’s becoming such an important marketing channel, let’s dive into some more specifics about how you can actually use this marketing channel to acquire new leads & customers.

You need two things to create and send your chatbot messages. We’ve already discussed the first one – a messaging app from which you can send and receive your messages. Facebook Messenger is, by far, the current app of choice.

The second thing you need is a bot builder to build your chatbot and deliver it to Facebook Messenger. You can use one of the bot builder companies discussed below to build your own chatbots, or, hire a company to build the chatbots for you.

ManyChat is a leading Messenger bot platform for business marketing. It enables you to grow your Messenger audience by building out bots with sequences, triggers, and flows.

 ManyChat also provides a complete set of growth tools to convert anyone into a subscriber and grow your business.

There are over 3 billion messages sent through ManyChat every month.


ManyChat is the leading chatbot builder

ManyChat is a leading Messenger bot builder for business marketing. It enables you to grow your Messenger audience by building out bots with sequences, triggers, and flows.

ManyChat also provides a complete set of growth tools to convert anyone into a subscriber and grow your business.

There are over 3 billion messages sent through ManyChat every month.

I’m not an affiliate of ManyChat and receive nothing for promoting it to you. However, I’ve been building and editing bots with ManyChat for the last few months and have found it easy to use.

MobileMonkey is a leading chatbot builder

Chatfuel and MobileMoney are also leading bot builders. While I have not used either, I’ve read good things about them both.

There a few other bot builders out there, but if you decide to tackle building your own bot(s) I suggest sticking with one of these three.  They’ve been around awhile, know what they’re doing and are constantly adding new features.

ALERT! Messenger Marketing is Expanding to Even More Platforms

WhatsApp is opening their API publicly in 2019. You can 100% expect that ManyChat will be one of the first platforms to integrate with WhatsApp.

Building your own bot using a bot builder takes time and patience. Maintaining them on a monthly basis takes even more time.

If you’re too busy running your business to take on another marketing task, Day Marketing Solutions will create and maintain your chatbot and Messenger Marketing for you.

Now that you know what Messenger Marketing and Chatbots are and why you should include them in your business growth activities, what are your options to proceed?

Suggested Options:

  1. DIY
    If you’re the DIY yourself type and don’t mind spending a couple of months in your spare time building and a few hours per week maintaining your bot(s), then checkout ManyChat, Chatfuel, or MobileMonkey, decide which one works for you and dive in.
  2. DIFY
    Alternatively, if you’re the DIFY type and want someone to Do It For You, because you’d rather spend the little spare time you have with your family, hiking, golfing, or watching political debates, we have the solution for you.

Day Marketing Solutions has a group of elves working behind the scenes researching the marketing needs of local businesses and then building chatbots to fit your specific business and industry, all to help you grow and support your customers.

Click to connect with us here on messenger.


Messenger Marketing is a  business growth tool primarily using the Facebook Messenger interface and chatbots to interact directly with your clients and prospects in a more personal, two way conversation.

It’s the fastest growing business marketing tool available and now it the time to begin using it to grow your business.

Larger companies are already using Messenger Marketing to connect directly with their customers and many smaller businesses are beginning to see the unlimited possibilities to grow their business also.

Local businesses are using Messenger Marketing to pre-qualify customer and job applicant prospects, schedule appointments, answer FAQs, deliver coupons and daily specials, and much more.

While email and text marketing are still viable means of sending information, Messenger Marketing gives you the ability to reply immediately in a conversational manner, helping you begin the relationship faster.

Day Marketing Solutions has a full suite of marketing solutions for local businesses that includes Website design, SEO services, Social Media Management, and Messenger Marketing.  All designed to provide leads to you and grow your business.

Combining Messenger Marketing with our other services is the absolute best way to grow your prospect list and convert those prospects to paying customers!

We’d love to “chat” with you and help you determine if Messenger Marketing is right for you and your business. Let’s discuss your business growth goals and how we can help you achieve them. Schedule a call with us today!

Check out all of Day Marketing Solutions  powerful marketing services HERE.

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