Building and maintaining business relationships are crucial to creating
and retaining customers!

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Are you a local business looking to establish stronger connections with your clients and grow your business?

Too busy or don’t have the skills to provide the required content marketing to grow your business?

Look no further than my Email Newsletter Marketing Service.

Let’s outline the benefits of using Newsletter Marketing to create and distribute your very own monthly newsletter to build ever-lasting customer relationships and paying customers.

  1. Direct and Personalized Communication: A monthly newsletter delivers targeted updates, valuable content, and exclusive offers straight to your client’s inbox.

    Eliminate the extra cost of printing!


  2. Strengthen Customer Relationships: By consistently delivering a well-crafted newsletter, you build stronger relationships with your clients.

    This consistent engagement helps to build trust and loyalty, turning clients into long-term advocates for your business.

  3. Showcasing Special Offers and Discounts: With your own, branded newsletter, you can share exclusive offers and discounts directly with your clients, further strengthening their loyalty.
  4. Tailored Content for Your Specific Audience: A monthly newsletter allows you to tailor content specifically to your target audience.

    This shows your customers you understand their interests, preferences, and their specific buying needs.

  5. Build Brand Authority: A well-crafted newsletter positions your local business as a trusted authority in your industry and establishes you as a go-to resource for your clients.
  6. Measurable Results and Insights: Day Marketing Solutions will provide you with valuable analytics into your newsletters and email campaigns, so you can track open rates, click-through rates, and, most importantly, conversions to measure the effectiveness of your newsletter.
  7. Cost-Effective Marketing Tool: Sending newsletters is a cost-effective marketing strategy for local businesses. With my newsletter service, you can reach a large audience at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising channels.

    In addition, by using email marketing in combination with your monthly newsletter, you can maximize your marketing budget and achieve a high return on your investment.

Newsletter Marketing – How it works

  • We’ll have an initial conversation to determine your newsletter marketing concerns, what marketing you’re currently using, and your needs, ideas, and budget.

    We’ll also discuss how the process works, Day Marketing Solutions’ responsibilities, your responsibilities, your writing style, and the publishing schedule.

  • We’ll also talk about your options for your newsletter style, format, layout, etc.

  • Then, we’ll determine the pricing for your monthly newsletter, along with any optional services you may require, and sign a written agreement.

    The agreement will detail Day Marketing Solutions’ responsibilities for producing your monthly newsletter, including content research, writing the articles, delivering a draft to you, your final approval, and publication schedules.

    Also, your responsibilities regarding an outline for each newsletter, articles you may wish to include, and any resources you may have that will help in writing your newsletter.

  • Producing your Monthly Newsletter:

    Per the agreed-upon schedule, you provide the next newsletter topic, references, and any company, industry, or product updates you wish to include.

    Day Marketing Solutions researches, writes, and delivers the first draft, per agreed upon schedule.

    The newsletter is approved by you and sent to you for distribution to your email list.


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Ready to take your client relationships to the next level and start leveraging the power of a monthly newsletter for your local business?

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